Life History

Shri Bawa Lal Dayal Ji Maharaj born in a Town known Kasur, District Lahore, of Punjab province of the undivided India . Being a Hindu his date of birth was registered in Bikrami Era. So according to the available records Shri Bawa Lal Dayal Ji Maharaj born on the DOOJ of Shukla Paksh, Magh Month of Bikrami Samat of 1412. He belongs to Kshatri Varn.

His father Shri Bhola Mal was a Patwari in the regime of Turk Emperior. His mother Smt. Krishna Devi was a religious lady and used to teach her son about the god.

At the Age of 5 years, he met Sh. Chetanya Swami Ji Maharaj who tought him of the real meaning of SANT and made him his shishya. He after having accepted Sh. Chetanya Swami Ji as his GURU, had TAPASYA and YOGSADHNA traveling different parts of the world.

Shri 1008 Bawa Lal Dayal ji Maharaj is also known as Paramhans Yogiraj Vaishnavacharya Satguru Bawa Lal Dayal Ji Maharaj. Since he traveled many parts of the world, he was known by different names in different parts of the world as Bawa Ji, Pir Baba, Lal Pir,Yogiraj etc.

After having traveled many parts of the world, Satguru Shri Bawa Lal Dayal Ji Maharaj finally decided to settle at DHIANPUR( Near Batala) in District Gurdaspur- Punjab where he left for heaven in Bikrami Samat 1712. As records reveals, he lived up his life for 300 years i.e from Bikrami Samat 1412 to Bikrami Samat 1712.

Birthday celebrated as DOOJ/ DUTIYA

T he birthday of Shri 1008 Bawa Lal Dayal Ji Maharaj is celeberated by all the Sewaks/ Devotees on Shukal Paksh Dooj of Magh Month which generally fall in the month of Janaury / February each year. This day is celebrated by all Mahants at the Gaddi ( Darbar) of Shri Bawa Lal Dayal Ji Maharaj and by all Sewaks at Lal Dawara / Mandir at different parts of the Country.

PUNYA TITHI ( Date of Death )

The date of death of Shri Bawa Lal Dayal Ji Maharaj is Kartik Shudi Dasmi of Bikrami Samat 1712 . The Kartik month normally fall in the end of October or in the beginning of November each year. The Gaddi Mahants organizes SARADH of Shri Bawa Lal Dayal Ji Maharaj on this day of Dasmi . Generally Vishal Bhandara is organized at Gaddi and the same is participated by Sewaks and Devottees from all parts of the Country.


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